Promoting Inclusive Access to SRHR and SGBV Information and Services in Zimbabwe

Promoting access to inclusive SRHR and SGBV information services Street Campaign

The project ‘Promoting Access to Inclusive SRHR and SGBV Information and Services in Zimbabwe’ seeks to contribute to the improved well-being and sexual and reproductive health rights of all adolescents, including those at high-risk of sexual and gender-based violence, as well as those with disabilities in Zimbabwe. The project covers 10 wards of Bulawayo and these wards were identified as hot-spots for new HIV infections and sexual and gender-based violence among adolescent girls and young women, including adolescents with disabilities.  High cases of drug abuse have been noted in the wards of implementation. Emthonjeni Women’s Forum contributes to the realization of the fourth outcome of facilitating norms and values that support nonviolent and positive gender equitable relationships that are adopted by using the SASA! Faith model to engage religious and community leaders to transform harmful religious and cultural practices that perpetuate the abuse and subjugation of women, girls and adolescents as well as people living with disability.


  • Communities with a sudden need to challenge norms and values that promote GBV and VAW.
  • Communities able to speak out against VAW.
  • Amplified voice, choice and agency of women within the faith spaces.
  • An improvement in male engagement within the project.
  • Communities making use of the referral systems.