Enhancing Women’s Knowledge of their Constitutional Rights

Emthonjeni Women`s Forum  started a new project “Enhancing women`s knowledge of their constitutional rights in Insiza District”. The project sought to provide a multi sectoral approach towards raising awareness and providing services on women`s rights. It also focused on addressing the dire consequences of marginalisation of women which affects their access to information.  The project culminated in:

  • 114 empowered women with knowledge on their socio-economic rights.
  • Women with increased awareness on their constitutional rights
  • Women making informed decisions and living fulfilling lives.
  • Empowered women with urgency to hold their duty bearers to account.
  • Women committing to engage more on familiarising themselves with the bill of rights in order to increase their own platforms of socialisation.
During a Human Rights clinic in ward 3 of Insiza District