Strengthening Women’s Voices in Accountable Local Governance

During community sensitisation meeting on women’s rights and resource management in Tsholotsho

The project is being implemented in ward 6 of Tsholotsho District. The project focuses on women’s active involvement in the preservation of their natural resources and advocacy towards participation in the planning and utilisation of  CAMPFIRE funds. The project purposes to equip women with knowledge on local resource management holding local level duty bearers to account on utilisation of natural resources as well as women having voice, choice and agency in advocating for their rights in decision-making processes at local governance level. Realising that ward 6 Tsholotsho is well endowed with natural resources, the project further sensitises women on how tenders are issued and how communities can benefit from their natural resources. 


  • Community leadership and community members buy in on the project.
  • 10 Advocacy Action Team members have been selected to represent the community on the day of social accountability.
  • Women are able to identify relevant stakeholders to address advocacy issues and to set timelines for advocacy action.
  • Community women are able to identify and raise Issues to be addressed by duty bearers.
During a Community sensitisation meeting in Tsholotsho