Taking Action Now! Reducing Gender Based Violence in Insiza

The SASA! Faith methodology seeks to reduce violence against women through biblical principles of Justice, Peace and Dignity currently being implemented in Insiza district. The project seeks to reduce gender-based violence through psychologically and economically empowering women and working towards transforming gender norms at community level that perpetuate violence against women. The project envisages to work on the individual, relationship and community levels of the ecological model using the following approaches: life-skills training, economic strengthening through Internal Savings and Lending (ISALs) and Income-Generating Activities (IGAs) and SASA! Faith to transform gender norms through faith structures in the communities. At the society level, the project collaborates with other partners to conduct advocacy efforts towards promoting the rights of women in targeted communities.

The project  employs various strategies in achieving its goals which include:

  • Transformation of gender norms  through use of the SASA! Faith methodology that is an approach that empowers communities to challenge religious beliefs that put women at risk
  • Economic strengthening of women especially survivors of violence through support to ISAL groups.
  • Leadership training to empower women in decision-making at household and public spheres through life skills sessions for young women in the community and leadership and participation engagements with women in targeted committees. 


  • Religious & community leaders buy in to the principles of SASA! Faith
  • Improved knowledge and  positive attitudes in line with SASA! Faith values.
  • Faith leaders engaging in dialogue within their faith spaces on GBV
  • Faith communities establishing structures that support women who encounter GBV.
  • Faith spaces reporting cases of GBV.