Take Action Now!

Emthonjeni Women’s Forum continues with its efforts towards the reduction of GBV in Insiza through its project  titled “Take Action Now! An Integrated Approach in Reducing GBV in Insiza and Umzingwane District” covering wards2, 3, 6 ,9, 11, 13, 18, 19, and 20 of Insiza and ward 4 ,9 ,10, 14 and 19 of Umzingwane district.  The project is focused on empowering communities in Insiza and Umzingwane districts, with a specific focus on enabling women and young women to take action against GBV, improving duty bearers’ capacity to support and protect survivors of GBV whilst capacitating men to become agents of change against GBV, leading to a community that is GBV intolerant.

Celebrating 16DAYS of activism against GBV in ward 14 Umzingwane

Various activities have been conducted and these include Advocacy Lobby trainings, Couples dialogues, Refresher Training for Male Champions, Men`s Indaba Meetings, GBV Management Meetings, Catch them Young, Quarterly Male champion support visit, Refresher Trainings for Male champions, International Women`s Day, 16 Days of Activism against GBV, Stakeholders Annual Review Meeting, Mentoring of CBCs, Community Based Counselling, Mobile / Survivors Clubs  as well as Court Support Services.   The above mentioned activities have culminated in:

  • Women  realising the need to hold duty bearers accountable  for poor GBV service delivery within their communities.
  • Men becoming transformed perpetrators of gender-based violence.
  • Male champions creating support groups where they engage other young men in the community on GBV issues.
  • Traditional leaders  providing safe havens for survivors of physical abuse.
  • Women taking action through reporting gender-based violence cases.
  • Women engaging in third party reporting of gender-based violence cases.
  • Young men mobilising their peers towards GBV reduction campaigns.
  • Improved coordination of GBV service provision by the district stakeholders for both Insiza and Umzingwane.
  • The Ministry of Women Affairs Community Small and Medium Enterprise Development taking the lead in coordinating and scheduling of GBV management meetings. This has seen the district holding GBV review meetings without the help of EWF.
  • Survivors making informed decisions  on their situations.
  • Survivors  undergoing healing process through therapeutic crafts.
  • Improved GBV referral system through the use of GBV referral books.
Celebrating 16 DAYS of Activism against GBV in Ward 18 Insiza