The Story of Cynthia Dube

My name is Cynthia Dube, I am 32 years old. I am a congregant at ELCZ, Tshabalala ward 21.I am a self-employed young lady as I have to take care of my younger sister and my niece. Before SASA!Faith was introduced, people in our church had a tendency of clinging onto cultural beliefs and embracing patriarchal behaviours. These largely affected their parental skills particularly in raising a girl child. It also affected my participation in church activities. I am a community activist and as a result of my engagement in SASA! Faith activities, I have been able to be motivated as a person. This has built my confidence to address social injustices. I have been equipped with knowledge that l have the power within to create positive change in my church. Gradually the church administration has welcomed the project and is now aware that power imbalances between men and women result in the perpetuation of GBV. Our church (ELCZ) now has set up a committee which is built up of voluntary congregants to raise awareness on SGBV including a gender desk. We have even intensified our engagement with the police force and the legal practitioners to help the faith community understand more about SGBV issues. Recently, the ELCZ faith community came up with women empowerment initiative where women are taught survival skills to help them become economically self-dependent.