Midson Ndlovu from Plot Number 16 Mayfair in ward 14 narrating how SASA faith has helped reduce GBV in their community. Gender Based Violence in this community before being introduced to SASA! FAITH was a norm. Men generally undermined, exploited, and oppressed women and husbands never prioritized taking care of their wives. When the SASA! FAITH program was first introduced to this community by Emthonjeni Womens Forum, men were skeptical. They were not happy at all because they initially thought that this program was mainly targeting women and they developed a negative attitude out of the view that the organization will dilute their cultural fiber and  teach women to be disrespectful. We were then taught that the SASA! FAITH approach is meant for faith communities to learn, grow and change together and that men are not an exception. Men have changed over the years and some of them are now spearheading the SASA FAITH initiatives in the community. Not only did the program help couples to balance power in their relationships, it has also economically empowered women through the Income Savings and Lending scheme which enabled them to buy livestock such as goats, cows, furniture and food for their families.”

Benzis Dlodlo a Village Head at York, Msudu village narrating how the community now handles cases of GBV. “As a village Head my mandate is to assist community members under my jurisdiction in resolving different challenges that they encounter. In the community, we now handle cases of GBV differently. We are now aware of places where we can refer cases that cannot be resolved in the traditional courts. Some cases we take them up to the Police to handle them especially those involving physical and sexual violence. The police sometimes do not do justice in handling GBV cases. Now we know different referrals where people can access different services like counselling and legal advice. We have seen the Community Activists using posters during sessions and these have greatly aided in showing people how they can support each other especially victims of gender-based violence.”